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Suite Description View Floorplan
1A 1 Bedroom with 1 Bathroom E Suite1A
1B 1 Bedroom with 1 Bathroom W  Suite1B
1BR 1 Bedroom with 1 Bathroom W  Suite1B
1C+D 1 Bedroom plus Den with 1 Bathroom E  Suite1C+D
1D+D 1 Bedroom plus Den with 1 Bathroom E  Suite1D+D
1E+D / 1E+DR 1 Bedroom plus Den with 2 Bathrooms W  Suite1E+D-1E+DR
2A 2 Bedroom with 1.5 Bathrooms SE  Suite2A
2B 2 Bedrooms with 2 Bathrooms SW  Suite2B
2C 2 Bedrooms with 2 Bathrooms NE  Suite2C
3A 3 Bedrooms with 2 Bathrooms NW  Suite3A


People of Bloor

A diverse and thriving slice of city, a dynamic and constantly buzzing urban experience anchored by its most character-enhancing asset: its people. They keep it interesting and make it their own. This is a community that writes its own story.

Hidden Gems

Small spaces, big impact. Blink and you might miss them. To the untrained eye they might seem unexceptional. But upon closer inspection a world of incredible flavor, distinguished technique, and amazing value is revealed.

Cabbagetown Cool

Call it a renaissance. Call it culinary resillience. Just don’t call me late for dinner. Cabbagetown, one of Toronto’s most long-standing neighbourhoods is having its moment. With an influx of restaurants to suit all tastes, there’s never been a better time for a night out on the town.